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Everyone with an STD is welcome on Positive Singles regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender.There are over 110 million people living with STDs in the US, with an estimated 400 million people worldwide – you are not alone!Leeds Free Dating stevep I am usually at home in Leeds at weekends and in Barrow during the week. Leeds Free Dating Hungbulger Leeds Dating Sites leeedslad. By continuing, you're accepting that you're happy with our cookie policy. Showing events near Leeds from Tue 2nd Oct onwards.

All your personal information remains private and anonymous until you decide to take things further.

Sacramento Friends – Yahoo Group, 653 members, [email protected] Colorado H Friends – Nonprofit support & education group dedicated to people with herpes in Colorado, Over 1,800 members, [email protected] All CTFriends – Yahoo Group, 336 members, [email protected] DC H20 – Website is a multi-cultural, volunteer social group for people with Herpes and/or HPV Delaware Delaware Friends – Yahoo Group, 70 members, [email protected] Central FL H2O Support Group – Website provides resources and counseling for those learning to deal with herpes Southesast Florida H Club – Yahoo Group, Palm Beach/Broward/Miami, 492 members, [email protected] Florida H Friends – Yahoo Group, 275 members, [email protected] H2O Social Group and Orlando HELP Support Group Sarasota-Bradenton H Club – Yahoo Group, Sarasota/Bradenton, 266 members, [email protected] Bay H Club – Yahoo Group, Tampa Bay, 1,131 members, [email protected] 437737 – Yahoo Group, Jacksonville, 163 members, [email protected] Atlanta Area HSV or HPV – Yahoo Group, Atlanta, 2,896 members, [email protected] of Color Atlanta – Yahoo Group, Atlanta, 640 members, [email protected] Herpes in Hawaii – Yahoo Group, 178 members, [email protected] Illinois c Hicago friends – Meetup Group, Chicago, 547 members Chicago hpv – Yahoo Group, Chicago, 172 members, [email protected] Prairie Friends – Yahoo Group, Central Illinois, 294 members, [email protected] H Friends – Yahoo Group, 805 members, [email protected] Chicago – People of Color Yahoo Group, Chicago, 314 members, [email protected] – Website created to provide individuals in the Indianapolis area with information, help, and support POC Ohio/Indy II – People of Color Yahoo Group, 108 members, [email protected] Kentucky Louisville H Friends – Yahoo Group, Louisville, 353 members, [email protected] Louisiana H Friends – Yahoo Group, 247 members, [email protected] Herpes Dating Group – Yahoo Group, Shreveport, 235 members, [email protected] People w Herpes in Louisiana – Yahoo Group, 167 members, [email protected] Maine_Herpes – Yahoo Group, 178 members, [email protected] Massachusetts Boston Herpes Social and Support Group –Website is one of the most active “H” social groups in the country, [email protected] Friends – Yahoo Group, 1,475 members, [email protected] Detroit – Metro Detroit HELP Website support group for people with herpes and HPV, [email protected] of Color Michigan – People of Color Yahoo Group, 478 members, [email protected] City Friends – Yahoo Group, 1,312 members, [email protected] Michigan Friends – Yahoo Group, 159 members, [email protected] Twin Cities H Social – Meetup Group, Minneapolis, 579 members Twin Cities Lesbians with Herpes – Yahoo Group, 268 members, [email protected] MS Herpes Dating – Yahoo Group, 175 members, [email protected] H2O Kansas City Friends – Yahoo Group, 200 members, [email protected] of Color Social Networking-Missouri – People of Color Yahoo Group, 53 members, [email protected] Inland NW Friends, Yahoo Group, Western Montana, 100 members, [email protected] Nevada Las Vegas Area Friends – Meetup Group, 95 members Northern Nevada Friends – Yahoo Group, 256 members, [email protected] Hampshire New Jersey New Jersey Friend – Yahoo Group, 533 members, [email protected] Mexico New Mexico H Singles – Yahoo Group, 342 members, [email protected] York NYCFriends II – Yahoo Group, 1,078 members, [email protected] Recovery Anonymous of New York City – Website social group serving the HSV community of the New York area and beyond Herpes New York – Yahoo Group, 1,736 members, [email protected] Dating New York City – Meetup Group, New York City, 318 members People of Color New York – People of Color Yahoo Group, 467 members, [email protected] Buffalo & Western NY with Herpes – Yahoo Group, 375 members, [email protected] NY Friends Yahoo Group – Yahoo Group, 195 members, [email protected] Valley Friends – Yahoo Group, 234 members, [email protected] Carolina People of Color North Carolina – People of Color Yahoo Group, 140 members, [email protected] Raleigh H Club – Meetup Group, Raleigh, 604 members Raleigh Triangle H – Yahoo Group, 389 members, [email protected] H – Website which provides support and friendship to adults who have been diagnosed with Herpes Simplex Virus Carolina – Yahoo Group, 323 members, [email protected] SCand Western NChgroup – Yahoo Group, 184 members, [email protected] Dakota Ohio Cincinnati Help – Website is a support group for people who have herpes simplex, [email protected] Cincinatti – Yahoo Group, 375 members, [email protected] With HSV in the 419 – Yahoo Group, Toledo, 92 members, [email protected] Friends – Website is a support group for those with Herpes and/or HPV Club 437737 – Meetup Group, Columbus, 163 members POC Ohio/Indy II – People of Color Yahoo Group, 108 members, [email protected] Oklahoma H Club Yahoo Group Oregon Club H – Portland’s Herpes Dating Site – Website is the Largest Herpes Community in Portland Oregon Portland Area Friends on Yahoo Central Oregon H Club Yahoo Group – Yahoo Group, 246 members Westover Heights Clinic – a medical clinic @ Portland specializing in STDs and herpes, owned by Teri Warren, RN, a herpes expert Pennsylvania Philadelphia Friends Yahoo Group NEPA Friends – Yahoo Group, Northeast Pennsylvania, 26 members, [email protected] of Pittsburgh Rhode Island Boston Herpes Social and Support Group – Includes links to Beantown Friends and Boston HELP (support group) South Carolina Carolina – Yahoo Group, 323 members, [email protected] of Color Social Networking SC People Of Color Yahoo Group, 109 members, [email protected] H Club – Yahoo Group, 324 members Upstate SC and Western NC H Group – Yahoo Group, 184 members, [email protected] Dakota Tennessee Memphis H Friends – Yahoo Group, 80 members, [email protected] IN West Tenn.

With H – People of Color Yahoo Group, 135 members, [email protected] Austin H Friends Meetup– Meetup Group, 688 members Austin H Friends – Yahoo Group, 854 members, [email protected] HELP Herpes Support Group Yahoo Group, 146 members, [email protected] Friends – Website is a free social group for adults 21 and up in the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding area that are living with Herpes, [email protected] – Website is for people with HSV (Herpes) and HPV seeking support and friendship Houston H Friends – Meetup Group, 876 members San Antonio H Friends – Yahoo Group, 724 members, [email protected] Lake and Galveston County H Friends (Houston too!

Many people find it difficult to find support they are searching for due to the stigma that the herpes virus brings with it.

Well fear no more as these support groups are comprised of individuals such as yourself that are seeking out further information on how to deal with their situation.

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) – Meetup Group, 196 members Clear Lake H Friends – Yahoo Group, 185 members, [email protected] Herpes Singles Utah – Yahoo Group, 229 members, [email protected] Herpes Support – Yahoo Group, 131 members, [email protected] Vermont H Friends – Yahoo Group, 47 members, [email protected] NH Blue Balloon Support Group – Yahoo Group, 29 members, [email protected] Virginia H Friends – Yahoo Group, 540 Members, [email protected] State Inland NW Friends, Yahoo Group, Eastern Washington, 100 members, [email protected] H Scene – Yahoo Group, 1,111 members, [email protected] H Scene – Meetup Group, 719 members Capital Area Friends – Yahoo Group, 115 members, [email protected] Virginia Virginia H Friends – Yahoo Group, 540 members, [email protected] Herpes in Wisconsin – Yahoo Group, 518 members, [email protected] Herpes – Yahoo Group, Northeastern Wisconsin, 82 members, [email protected] Herpes United – Yahoo Group, 201 members, [email protected] By clicking the SUBSCRIBE button below you’ll automatically receive a fresh 30 day supply of Herpecillin every month with Free Shipping.

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