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And so I was completely surrounded by racism and because I wasn’t white I was thrown in with the black kids. In another way, as I said, we were completely insular.It was the first time I ever heard the word “spic,” it was the first time I ever realized the food I brought to lunch smelled funny or that I smelled funny, or became aware of the color of my skin, or that my hair was curly. Even in South Carolina my parents found a Puerto Rican community, so we ate at Puerto Rican restaurants, we had Puerto Rican friends, and all the festivities were Puerto Rican.

We were being taught to speak English, but we weren’t allowed to speak it at home.And the food was the same at home, even when we moved to the States, we lived as if we were still on the island.That was always something that was really important to my mother and my father, also in the way that things played out for me. Was it influenced by your parents or was it mostly you?He’d be prone to try and forget my existence because he might think I’m going to go all is one of the reasons this little San Juan schoolgirl became a music journalist.Admittedly, it’s Omar’s guitar playing and composition skills that made me think of music in a different way, after being so violently saturated by reggaeton and La Mega my entire life. And all of this was admitted over the phone, gushingly and with no regard for the art of cool, to Omar Rodríguez López, as I interviewed him prior to the release of what feels like his gajillionth album under his solo moniker, the mammoth (out April 16th, Record Store Day).

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S., was it hard or were you so young that it felt natural? For me it was the one defining moment of self awareness.

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