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We always had a few processors integrated at any one time because 1) any processor could pull the plug on us with minimal notice and 2) these organizations tended to be technologically inept and their platforms were not reliable.

Some payments we processed through our own merchant account.

Hopefully the crypto world will mature in the upcoming years and people will use it for payments.

That would help customers stay anonymous and there will be no charge-backs.

uploaded to tube sites by the very producers themselves, hoping to get exposure.

That ship has sailed; there’s not much money in porn anymore That’s interesting, and would be the very reason small creators would move to a patreon backed model.

And as more and more time passes, I don't care for societal approval. Something much more efficient and fast out of the box, like Go or Erlang/Elixir?It's something you could probably arbitrage profitably if you were a bank, but by the time you get to be a big enough bank you are bound into the stodgy culture of banking ("ewww porn").That ship has sailed however; there's not much money in porn anymore.Then when volumes get big enough there would be ashakedown again ?While content sites are not doing well, live cams have nowadays quite a high turnover.

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Sure, we will miss recurring payments but still a win imo.

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