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It's taken a long time to get this far, but it's never bad to have a reminder that resting on our laurels is at our own peril.

12.04: Pretty Panda, the Giant Panda is a conservation reliant endangered species.

Note: I agree that choosing Python or (worst) Penguin would be bad. A name should somehow identify the peculiarities of Ubuntu, it shouldn't make Ubuntu appear like.. Among the animal suggestions, I fear that A) penguin is just to panderingly obvious, and I agree with some who opine that Ubuntu is more about the platform as whole, B ) parrot just brings up the accusations of Canonical "aping Apple" and C) python is almost too obvious like penguin for the programming language association.

I think Platypus is nice for two reasons, firstly just the general WTF-ness of the platypus as a strange seeming amalgamation of genera (which makes it, to me, a "fun" animal choice), and secondly, when combined with placid, it is simply alliterative.

Not annoying, but beatifully colored Poetic Pony, or indeed anything at all ending in Pony, I have been promised, would result in my girlfriend defaulting to Ubuntu rather than only occasionally going in when her Windows install breaks down. " and thus can raise awareness of the animal and its circumstances.

So for example: Warty Warthog (Ubuntu 4.10), Hoary Hedgehog (Ubuntu 5.04), Breezy Badger (Ubuntu 5.10), are the first three releases of Ubuntu.

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But the naming convention is here for a while longer, at least. of course, if Gnome is not restored in place of Unity, this is all moot ....:) 11.10: Orthogenic Owl. Persistent Progression of the Penguin could be symbolic for this release. Psychedelic states are an array of experiences elicited by various techniques. "Perpetual" seems to stay with the slightly mystical theme going from "Lucid" to "Natty" and "Oneiric." 12.04 is also an LTS release, and Perpetual sounds perfect for that.

There aren't many good, short O-adjectives, are there? The Puma is a good representation of what we know Ubuntu to be. After some daydreaming Ubuntu must get its feet back on the ground for an LTS release.

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