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The types of bricks this can fix is similar to the "recovery mode" menu.That menu can be triggered by holding down all D-Pad buttons on the GC controller plugged into slot 4, a tab inside the controller needs removed in official GC controllers.Alternatively, if the user has Preloader installed, they can use it to access the HBC and uninstall the broken channel.NOTE: Uninstalling the incorrect WAD may lead to further damage, so users should be careful.

Because of this it's impossible to fix using software unless you have Boot Mii installed (as boot2), or you use a Savemii Dongle with an autoboot disc. The Wii displays nothing and you are presented with a black screen.

Typically, games will still boot but the Settings menu will not work -- this prevents the system from healing itself with an online update.

These cases can be fixed by installing a newer version of the System Menu from a disc of the correct region, or with any other tool that can modify the System Menu.

Requires: In order to use a NAND Programmer/Infectus to rewrite the flash directly you will need to know your Wii's NAND keys.

WC24 title booting can be used to fix banner bricks.

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) Requires: Simply boot a recovery program the way you would any other.

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