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Also, she has retained some of the moves from her competitive days to keep her body supple and toned.One such move is V-Up crunches, which works all the core muscles in a single move.In the gym, she also lays special emphasis on lower body workouts and performs tons of variations of lunges and squats.She considers jump squats the most brutal exercise of them all.However, since then, she has slowly found workout regime that suits her perfectly.

The Dancing with the Stars member was spotted with actress Nikki Reed while on an apparent double date with sister Julianne Hough and her man Brooks Laich.

Capricorn Des Moines, Iowa, United States Shawn Johnson went to the Valley High School in West Des Moines.

In 2009, she left public school and in 2010, completed her high school education with an assistance of a private tutor.

Chenoweth agreed calling Hough “Dreamy Mc Dreamerson" and saying, “I wouldn’t dump him out of bed for eating crackers, I’m not gonna lie.” The pair never actually dated, but that would have been a pretty fun relationship.

Menounos was Hough's season 14 DTWS partner in 2012 and after kissing her twice during the competition (as part of the dances) rumors flew that Hough was secretly dating the actress.

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"I think often in this culture people take advantage of their friendships.

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