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Her whole life she has loved music, listening to The Beatles since she was in the womb.At the time of her birth, her family were living in Flagstaff, Arizona but as it was 4th of July weekend, there were no places at the hospital and her mum, Peggy had to be flown to Phoenix with her dad, David following in the car.The studio was located in Akron, Ohio and consisted mostly of a digital 12-track recorder.It went through many incarnations and configurations and was mainly used to record the first four The Black Keys albums.Also at age 15, Michelle left school and was home tutored by her mum, with a clear warning that if her grades dropped, she must return to school but luckily that never happened and she was able to focus on her music more.Her first break into the music industry happened when she was at home, looking after her younger sister Nicole.In 2001 Carney and Auerbach, lead singer and guitarist, formed The Black Keys, releasing their debut album The Big Come Up less than a year later.

Karen Elson, a singer and ex-wife of Jack White of the White Stripes and a Nashville resident who was friends with Carney and Ward, sang at the wedding.

Carney is the drummer on The Rentals' 2014 album Lost in Alphaville.

The two had dated for several years, since Grollmus was a student at Oberlin College in Ohio and Carney and Dan Auerbach launched the Black Keys. Both talked about the messy breakup in the media, Patrick in Rolling Stone They recorded their El Camino album at Auerbach's newly completed Nashville studio, Easy Eye Sound Studio.

Each of the band's members had played drums in another band.

They released Feel Good Together, their debut album in the same year.

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