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Bergen guest-starred on The Muppet Show in its first year, appearing in several skits, an episode now available in a DVD collection.

On television, Bergen appeared as Morgan Le Fay in Arthur the King (1985) and in the miniseries Hollywood Wives (1985).

She was featured in a 1970 political satire, The Adventurers, based on a novel by Harold Robbins, playing a frustrated socialite. Bergen played the girlfriend of Elliott Gould in Getting Straight (1970), a counter-culture movie which was commercially popular. my first experience with democratic, communal movie making." She also starred in the controversial Western Soldier Blue (1970), a worldwide hit but a failure in its homeland, perhaps because of its unflattering portrayal of the U. Bergen received some strong reviews for her support role in Carnal Knowledge (1971), directed by Mike Nichols. She described the latter as the first role "that is really sort of a vehicle, where I have to act and not just be a sort of decoration" saying she'd decided "it was time for me to ge serious about acting." Bergen was absent from screens for a few years.

Bergen did a violent Western with Oliver Reed, The Hunting Party (1971), which drew terrible reviews and flopped, then had the lead role in a drama T. She returned with a support part in a British heist film, 11 Harrowhouse (1974), then did a Western with Gene Hackman and James Coburn, Bite the Bullet (1975). In 1975, she replaced Faye Dunaway at the last minute to co-star with Sean Connery in The Wind and the Lion (1976), as a strong-willed American widow kidnapped in the Moroccan desert.

She portrayed a best-selling author in Rich and Famous (1981) with Jacqueline Bisset.

A remake of the Bette Davis film Old Acquaintance, it was not a success.

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