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Furthermore, he has also worked with several bands such as Depeche Mode, Yazoo, and The Assembly.

With Yazoo, Vince has produced some of the chartbuster hits which include Don’t Go, Only You, The Other Side of Love, Situation and much more.

While a student a decade ago in "The Falls," Hurley honed his music skills and, to hear one former teacher tell it, fit the profile of a budding future rock star.

James Kuse, an English teacher at the school, remembers running into Hurley, literally, during the drummer's freshman year.

What was unusual, though, is how he came out of it.

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Before becoming Fall Out Boy, he had been associated with other hardcore punk bands. Ask me out after the tour." At that, Andy's eyebrows were raised. " he asked."Yeah.""You would actually go on a date with me after this tour ends? i also have a patrick stump thingy so you should read that, some people have been and i love them too (so if you're reading this and you've read that too then you're top of my list for fave humans ever)btw i just wanted to say some of you mention that you're depressed or upset etc : remember this; you're awesome, you're clever and funny and sweet and cool, and whoever or whatever makes you feel like you aren't is WRONG. You're so out of my league, though, I was just trying my luck... " he asked, jaw slightly dropping as if he couldn't believe what he was hearing."Yes...""What?

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