What is the meaning of elucidating

NRMs can be novel in origin or part of a wider religion, in which case they are distinct from pre-existing denominations.

According to The Oxford Handbook of Religious Movements, "by the end of the decade, the term 'new religions' would virtually replace 'cult' to describe all of those leftover groups that did not fit easily under the label of church or sect." Ryan notes the sharp differences between definition from cult opponents, who tend to focus on negative characteristics, and those of sociologists, who aim to create definitions that are value-free.The terms cult and cultist came into use in medical literature in the United States in the 1930s for what would now be termed "faith healing", especially as practised in the US Holiness movement.This usage experienced a surge of popularity at the time, and extended to other forms of alternative medicine as well.The movements themselves may have different definitions of religion as well.George Chryssides also cites a need to develop better definitions to allow for common ground in the debate. Casino presents the issue as crucial to international human rights laws.

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