What does accomodating female mean

The problem with Kegels is that many women don’t know how to do them properly.

“Women will come in describing a change in sexual function and say it feels loose and they feel less satisfied,” he says.

“But just having a baby changes the sexual experience, so it may not have to do with the changes in the vaginal opening.” The vaginal opening likely changes only slightly after birth, Tarnay says.

In 1996, doctors began using a measurement called the pelvic organ prolapse quantification system as a way of helping them see how well they were doing repairing that area after childbirth.

The researchers found that desire, arousal, orgasm, pain, and sexual satisfaction were not linked to vagina size.

Instead, the best predictors of sexual inactivity were advanced age, higher BMI, and not being in a committed relationship.

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