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Here on Windows 7, it has a nice animated gradient, as seen on the screenshot.

The above example illustrates how simple it is to use a Progress Bar, but normally you would of course want to show the progress of some actual work and not just a static value.

Well..simplistic answer is to run those commands in the Do Work() handler of a Background Worker()!

Use either the Progress Changed() or Run Worker Completed() events to pass the info back to the UI.

For instance, if you loop through a collected list of files while checking each of them, you can set the Minimum property to 0, the Maximum to the amount of files in your list, and then just increment as you loop through it.

The Progress Bar is, just like other standard WPF controls, rendered to match the visual style of the operating system.

This example requires that you have a Progress Bar control created called (that returns a Boolean value indicating the file copy operation was completed successfully) that performs the file copy operation. Length ' Set the initial value of the Progress Bar. Value = 1 ' Set the Step property to a value of 1 to represent each file being copied. You can use the Step property to specify the amount that each completed task in an operation changes the value of the progress bar.Thread(Address Of Do Long Running Process) ' Start the background process thread background Thread. Show() End Sub ' The long running process Public Sub Do Long Running Process() ' Set the flag that indicates if a ' process is currently running is Process Running = True ' Iterate from 0 - 100 ' On each iteration, pause the thread ' for .05 seconds, then update the ' dialog's progress bar For n As Integer = 0 To 100 Thread. Update Progress(n) Next ' Show a dialog box that confirms the process ' has completed Message Box. This ' uses the Invoke Required and Begin Invoke methods Public Sub Update Progress(By Val progress As Integer) If Progress Bar1. Begin Invoke(New Delegate Update(Address Of Update Delegate Impl), progress) Else Progress Bar1.Value = progress End If End Sub ' Overloads the Close method Public Overloads Sub Close() If Me. Begin Invoke(New _ Delegate Close(Address Of Close Delegate Impl), Me) Else Me. Text = progress & CStr("%") End Sub ' Implmentation of the Delegate Close Sub Close Delegate Impl(By Ref dialog As Form) dialog.WPF comes with a handy control for displaying progress, called the Progress Bar.It works by setting a minimum and maximum value and then incrementing a value, which will give a visual indication on how far in the process you currently are.

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Or to be more clear, you can, but the Progress Bar won't actually show each update to the progress before the task is completed, which pretty much renders it useless.

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