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Horizontal bedding structures exist in many types of depositional environments, such as lake bottoms, gently sloping beaches, or in a deep marine environment.

One of the main categories of horizontal bedding is known as "rhythmites." A rhythmite is bedding that is in a repetitious sequence, generally thin, and contains alternating types of sediment particles. In a varve, there are alternating layers, with a thicker, coarser layer, followed by a thinner, fine-grained layer.

This would give support to the fact that varve layers could be from individual storm events, thus if you had an area that had 40 storms in a year, you could have 40 layers.

In the example they use, there are 300 to 360 layers which had formed over a 160 year period.

Since varves are couplets, or two layers annually, twice 160 gives you 320, so this example fits the standard geologic explanation for varves.

I'm not sure what they hoped to gain with this argument, since it clearly presents no argument for varves forming at more than the two per year rate.

The increased water flow has the capability to carry larger sediment particles, hence the thicker summer layer has larger grain sizes than the winter layer.

For the remainder of this article this formation will be referred to as the GRF. Using the standard varve explanation above, that would mean this formation represents over three million years of sedimentation.For the sake of fair play, lets say that a pair represents a storm, thus there are 5 storms per year represented. Dividing this by 5, it would take 1,200,000 years to deposit all the layers of the GRF.Now, let’s assume there was more rain at the GRF location. At an accumulation rate of 40 couplets per year, it would take 75,000 years to deposit all the varves.At the end of each claim, I will show the flaws in the young earth arguments against varves.In the end, you will see that the claims fall far short of disproving the standard geologic thinking about varves.

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