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Security Module Program Sub Main() ' If using Professional version, put your serial key below. Set License("FREE-LIMITED-KEY") ' Create certificate validation delegate. Write Line("Server certificate is valid.") Return True Else Console. Ssl, validation Delegate) ' Connect to email server.

Write Line("Connected.") ' Authenticate with specified username, password and authentication mechanism.

Accept() Return End If ' get server certificate of the current connection Dim cert As Certificate = e. Accept() Return End If ' the certificate is not know yet - show it to user Console. Create Request Handler(certificate); ' load a certificate chain from a . PFX file Dim certificate As Certificate Chain = Certificate Chain.

On the client side you should just verify that the server certificate of the current connection really comes from the server you want to connect to.

There are following ways, how to do it using the Rebex HTTPS: // create client instance (Rebex.

On return Validity contains the result of certificate validation.

If the last certificate in the chain was self-signed (as it usually should be, because the chain is built up to the self-signed root certificate), Validity can be cv Self Signed, if the topmost certificate was not found in the list of trusted certificates, or cv Ok if the topmost certificate is trusted.

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If successful, it will do basic SSL/TLS certificate validation. Email provides a way to achieve custom client certificate validation by creating a certificate validation delegate and providing it to a client with Imports System Imports System.

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