Validating adequacy and suitablity of business it

5 — California: Average size of farm 18 Diversity of crops 19 Fig. 4 — California: Tenure of farm opera- tors, 1935-54 18 Fig. 9 — Irrigation by acres in California, 1935-54 22 Capital investment 22 Fig. , 62 75 Table of Contents SUPPLEMENT TO SENATE JOURNAL APPENDIX Labor and Welfare, Senate Fact Finding' Committee on — California Farm Labor Problems Housing and Recreational Needs of Elderly Citizens Colton Hall, Monterey — Feasibility as a State Historical Monument Water Development, Budgets, Reports, Local Assistance, for ', REPORT OF THE SENATE FACT FINDING COMMITTEE ON LABOR AND WELFARE CALIFORNIA'S FARM LABOR PROBLEMS PART I MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE JAMES A. 8 — California: Crop production by major categories, averages 1930--49, annually 1950-59 20 Fig.29 — Distribution of income from Cali- fornia agriculture, 19 40 Market place competition 41 Fig.

32 — Federal marketing orders operating in California— 1959 44 COVER PICTURE, depicting fhe vast induslry of agricul- ture in California and its great use of hand labor, cour- tesy of Western Growers Associofion.

25 — Indexes of farm expenses, output, price received, gross and net income, Cali- fornia, 1944-1959 (deflated by wholesale price index, 1947-1949 = 100) 37 Fig.

26 — California : Comparison of inputs and sales for commercial farms by economic classes, 1954 38 Fig.

SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY ROOM REFERENCE BOOK Not to be taken from the Library Zy SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 1223 90138 4124 DOCUMENTS JUL 1919^2 Supplement to the APPENDIX TO THE JOURNAL OF THE SENATE Legislature of the State of California 1961 REGULAR SESSION REPORTS January 2, 1961 -June 16, 1961 HON. 13 — Cultivated farm areas and report- ing areas, California, 1960 26 Fig.

12 — California crops: Acreage of prin- cipal crops, by counties, 1958 25 Fig.

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