Updating the behavior engineering model

Some applications presented emphasize the advantages of these techniques.摘要: In this paper, two experimental techniques, Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry and Stroboscopic Interferometry, and two different finite element analysis packages are used to measure or to analyze the frequencies and mode shapes of a micromachined, cross-shaped torsion structure.Simulatedmeasurements were used to show that the beam model can be updated using the current sensor setup.

Correctly predicting the structural behavior of the Pioneering Spirit is vital for ensuring the structural integrity of the ship and the cargo.In this paper, the impacts of dual overconfidence behavior and demand updating on the decisions of port service supply chain are studied with the real case study method.A port service supply chain consists of Tianjin Port, a shipping company, and a customer is investigated.To investigate this a simplified finite element model of the Pioneering Spirit was created using beam elements, this model provides the predicted behavior.Then sensitivity-based finite element model updating was implemented and applied to the beam model.

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For this purpose a finite element model updating methodology is used.

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