Updating sony firmware most intimidating fans in the

“I won’t need this anymore,” I said with haughty foolishness, “I’m well past the return window and the system works great!

Now, I’ve run into a software failure I wasn’t previously aware of that has my machine forever trapped on firmware 6.50. If you’re not on the most recent update, you’ll be kicked off the network until you update the console.

And maybe that copy won’t then have whatever software issue is permanently burned into the copy on my internal flash memory?

Finding a copy of 6.50 required a little leg work, as Sony doesn’t keep a database of old OS versions.

I get error code “SU-30641-4.”I hope for your sake you I go into the download notifications and select the option for more info, and it makes a vague proclamation about how the software update is corrupted, and I should try the download again. The suggestions are all the same: Use safe mode to either install the update or reinstall the system software.

Both Sony and Microsoft rely on integrated flash memory hidden away inside their consoles to store the console’s operating system in case anything goes awry.

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Once again, the top notification in my pile is about how update 6.51 won’t download.

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