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Alternatively, if you have accidentally pressed the TV button on the remote, the Sky Box will become unresponsive.

Press the Sky button on the remote to get the box to respond.

The remote command light will continue flashing for approximately 15 seconds and then the standby light will turn red. Confirm the light on front panel is red and leave for a few seconds.

After 1 – 4 minutes press Sky to turn the Sky box on. Manually reboot the Sky box When it’s not possible to reboot the Sky box using the remote control, simply turning everything off and then back on can resolve issues such as the Sky box being unresponsive or channels being unavailable.

Sky box problems do occur occasionally, but rest assured that technical support is on-hand to help you resolve any issues you may have.

And like Jon Snow, you know nothing about fixing Sky digital boxes.There is no need to disconnect the box from the mains power supply, and is better for the health and lifespan of the Sky box. If the Sky box is unresponsive to the Sky remote or you have a Thomson (4E30) Sky HD box, Manually reboot the box. You can let go of the button but will need to wait for approximately 10 minutes while the software downloads.Once the software has been installed, your digital box should operate perfectly.

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A green light display on the front indicates that your Sky box problems have been resolved.

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