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It doesn’t matter what kind of industry or business you’re in — a continuous improvement approach is necessary to keep ahead of the game.

With the wealth of information available on the subject of continuous improvement, it can be difficult to know where to start.

You can calculate or estimate cost and time savings even before you implement the changes.

There are other significant benefits, however, that you will not realize until your continuous improvement strategy is in place: We have all encountered resistance to change.

This allows continuous improvement to go beyond being a slogan on a poster, so it becomes the way your company operates at all times.

While continuous improvement can range from simple changes in the day-to-day workings of your company to major shifts in focus and procedures across a global structure, in all cases, you will require the right instruments to achieve success and keep it going.

It happens at all levels of an organization and needs to be managed.

Then you: This process is often represented in the graphical form of a wheel, known as a “PDCA wheel” or “Deming wheel” after the creator, Dr. When you arrive again at your baseline stage, you take into account your previous improvements and plan the next improvements.

This is where the notion of a culture of continuous improvement comes into play.

When you first broach the subject of continuous improvement with your employees and collaborators, most will agree in the necessity but not necessarily know where to begin.

There’s a reason humans often resist change: There’s a comfort in what we know.

While the call of the unknown is appealing to some, it is a natural and reassuring thing to resist putting ourselves in new situations. In times gone by, it was often possible for companies to “rest on their laurels” and maintain the status quo with their products and services because people trusted their brands and products and knew what they were getting.

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