Updating n95 8gb

The author of this document cannot be held responsible for damages caused to your phone in the event that the procedure fails and you're left with a "brick".

This procedure worked flawlessly with the handsets I've upgraded but in no way can I guarantee that anyone else will have the same success rate. The idea behind this is to change the product code of your handset in order to obtain newer software for it. Mobile network operators are extremely protective of their revenue streams.

So, go to Nokia's website and download and install the Nokia Software Updater. This will update the phone with the latest version of the firmware and then restart it.

The whole procedure will take about 10 minutes plus the download time (a few minutes on a fast broadband connection). You now have an unbranded N95 with all the bells and whistles of the original software and without all the advertising and restrictions imposed by your network operator. Then choose to restore a previously made backup and select the backup file you made just now.

When using Nokia's Software Update utility (NSU), the program looks at the product code of the phone that's connected and thus knows what the latest firmware version is for that particular model provided by that particular operator in that particular region, and if an update is available, fetches the correct one for the same model/operator/region combination.

Can use Bluetooth connectivity for data transfer of only USB data can be used for data transfer.

This is as opposed to user-installed software like Google Maps, installable themes and other add-ons that you can download off the Internet and transfer over to your handset.

Reasons why network operators would like to embed their own firmware in handsets include, in no particular order: This means that there is inevitably going to be a delay between the moment when the manufacturer releases a new version of the firmware that can be installed into vanilla handsets and the moment when the network operators have caught up and modified their own versions of the new firmware.

You can check this by shutting down and restarting NSS and fetching again the phone info.

From now on, your phone will identify itself to NSU as a plain, non-branded handset, and this will instruct NSU to fetch the latest version of the firmware released by Nokia.

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