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The web browser in Android 4.3 and earlier has many big security problems, and Google won’t be patching it anymore.If you use a device with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or earlier, you need to take action.

All modern browsers should update automatically, but please make sure your browser has auto-updates enabled.Really, Google sees updating devices to Android 4.4 as the fix, and device manufacturers should be working on that instead. Building the browser deep into the operating system so it can’t be quickly updated to fix security holes was a terrible decision, and we can only be thankful they’ve now changed the way modern versions of Android work.Device manufacturers and cellular carriers deserve a lot of the blame for not updating devices promptly.This problem is fixed in Android 4.4 and 5.0, but more than 60 percent of Android devices are stuck on devices that won’t receive any security fixes. Manufacturers put out a huge number of different phones and modify the code extensively.Google can’t just update the operating system on your device — they can only put out new code and hope the device’s manufacturer and your cellular carrier do the hard work of getting it to you.

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