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Also, where do I need to place them on my Micro SD Card (specific file(s) are what I'm talking about)? uk – mainly on the basis that they also guaranteed original cards, and (with a special Ace Kard RPG working with Nintendo 3DSNintendo's new 3DS Ace Lard 2i for DSi, Acekard Delicious; Digg; Stumble Upon; Propeller; Reddit; Magnoliacom; Newsvine; Furl; Facebook; Google; Yahoo; Technorati; Icerocket. Of course, It can also be back compatible with 3DS V4. utilizes the idea of the i Phone which gives the customer a totally new control experience. What can I do to be able to play my backups on my dsi XL? Contact issues can prevent your Acekard from appearing in the DS menu. 95: R4DS-DS 100% test and Free Shipping all Nintendo DS R4 Card. Browse our online store catalogue with super low prices and free shipping to UK, USA, Europe, Canada, France and the rest of the world. Mario On Paper; R4DS - R4 Revolution for DS (Nintendo DS Lite blank cartridge! zip Earlier today a modified version of FBI Cia Installer was released on reddit which .

Ace Kard 2i Card boot loader is fully upgradable as was proven by quick updates that made AK cartridges compatible with the latest DSi firmware versions. The Top1 Place to buy R4 DS Lite, R4DS, R4 DSi, R4 3DS, R4i SDHC/Gold Cards. 4 Acekard 2i Cards Acekard 2i ds lite Acekard 2i dsi Acekard 2i dsi 1. by ineedaspeed at AM (5,359Views acekard 2i 3ds / 0Likes) 15replies OP Newcomer ineedaspeed Newbie Joined: Jan 31, 2010 Messages: 5 Featured Posts: 0 Country: Just received two acekard 2i from acekard 2i buy consolesource. I have an acekard 2i but how do i get dcheats on it. Gateway 3ds est toujours le plus ancien linker 3ds pour jouer à des jeux 3DS et nds gratuitement sur une Nintendo 3DS / New3DS / 2DS en France. Tutorial How to upgrade / fix acekard 2i for 3DS v3. ) Face Tracking 3D & Faster Processing Power than Nintendo 3DS Using the inner camera, face tracking 3D provides an improved 3D gaming experience from a wider range of viewing angles compared to Nintendo 3DS. The flash cart even lets you rearrange fonts on the screen and info placement.

0-25x対応) [Supercard DS TWO] - ご注目: DSTWOはキャンペン中の商品ではありませんので、おまけのR4DSが付属してません。 Probably a silly question- but does DSTwo also work for 3DS/New3DS 10. com supplies DS/DSi/DSi XL/3DS flashcards and video game accessories with amazing price,such as R4 3DS card, R4i-SDHC 3DS flashcard,cheap R4i GOLD 3DS, ACE 3DS CARD, PS3 true blue dongle, E3 Flasher downgrader, JB-KING dongle, XBOX360 jailbreak, R4 SDHC, M3i zero, M3 DS Real, AK2i, DSTTi,x360dock module2 and more.

All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over shipped by Amazon. It can be used to listen to MP3, read Supercad DSTwo is the most popular DS flashcad for 3DS Ver. The Super Card DSTWO is a slot 1 flashcard that supports both DS and GBA games out of the box and also ebooks and other media formats. Actually, this is the first time SC team makes a SDK, so there must be a lot of bugs, so SC team do not wish to release the first version of SDK in public.

1 and Acekard 2i are Nintendo DS SLOT-1 flashcarts which fit flush in the DS slot and supports micro SD memory cards up to 16 GB in size.

and much more 📝 | bit.ly/2Phq DU0 UPDATE: I got on an airplane, flew to Germany and joined in on the fun.

The DSTwo comes in a simple cardboard box like many other flashcarts, a booklet, a grey fuzz covered plastic tray which hold both a DSTwo cart and a USB 2.

It's the only flash cart support 3DS, DS, GBA and Super Card DSTWO,dsone, Flash Card,sc,realtime saver,scl,lite,scsd,sccf,sdhc. Easy way to play your games without carrying all your cartridges with you. DStwo 3DS CPU is more power than i Player or DSTWO CPUs.

0-43, Cependant, pour le moment, seulement pour les systèmes EUR. com EDIT 1: o que eu uso no meu Acekard 2i é o AKAIO 1. com, la seule cartouche pour les jeux ds et 3ds sur toute version de firmware 3ds, sera disponible pour expédier bientôt) SKY3DS (de Sky3dsplus.

4 was overcome without creating a custom firmware but by simpley faking a header of a legit game and after the DSi starts booting the code executing the DS Flash Cards multi game loader. If your Acekard doesn't appear in the DS menu it is normally a slot-1 contact issue, or a bad flash. De Smu ME is a new Nintendo DS emulator by Yop Yop.

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😎 Thanks to @WWEgames and @WWESuper Card for having me @Gamescom today!

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