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This is apost from the Sark 110 forum (you are not the first one that suffered this type of accident.What happens normally is that R64 fuses (open or high impedance) and in some cases U4 degrades its performance, or stops working.) Mine was sitting beside my amp one day nothing connected to it but it was on i assume rf from my Amp kill it (R64 Surface mount resister ) Sark was 10 months old at that time manufacturer said to bad no support could not pay to have fixed .....My MFJ analyzer is about 15 years old been well used still works fine so which one is fine junk buyer beware The first reaction when you see it is about the miniature size of the unit, the controls, the words on the screen, and the connection to the antenna.You wonder about using it outside while working on an antenna. for a more visible presentation aimed at operation in the field,...". There is also an option for a maximum contrast white color scheme.I joined the Sark 110 forum and read up about the flaw and was messaged by i believe the designer for the Sark he offerd to fix it so off it went he sent me a email saying all fix and gave me a tracking # and 69 days later it arrived ?

I thought it was the best when i got it but it biggest and common fault be came apparent ...I have to agree that the size - considerably smaller than a touchscreen mobile phone - is a slight drawback, in that there seems no reason why it ought to be so, especially when the age of hams has a strong older bias.The on/off button is very awkward when connected to a PC.There are just a few buttons, and a toggle switch that are used to reach literally dozens of menu selections. It is easy to hit the wrong button, or move in the wrong direction, selecting something other than what you wanted.That said, if you are younger and have nimble fingers, this is a very versatile unit, and incredibly convenient.

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