Tips dating military men

He is an individual and deserves one until he acts otherwise.

Those individuals will be drama and aren't worth your time.

I scolded him, but the group would chuckle, and he would change his language. TL; DR: Dated a military guy for almost three years, lost partnership and equality in my relationship and was ultimately very unhappy. He takes drugs while his baby sister tries to do her homework in the next room.He went from being my partner, to being a sailor with a girlfriend.When I had a problem, we didn't discuss it as equals, he told me I needed to "be more like the other Navy girlfriends" or "I have the same issues as ____ wife, you should talk to her." What I wanted came second. I had to be okay with the supportive role, and okay making sacrifices because . I should have walked the moment that changed, but I loved him, I was young and I couldn't let go of what I had before.And I know some military people who are just jerks.One thing that's important, though, is to remember that most likely they will be gone often, for long periods of time, over and over. Also military often comes first before family..always, but I'd say with the majority.

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I've worked as a civilian for the army, have friends who have served and have dated someone from almost every branch. But still I'm no expert and only have my experiences.

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