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Like a case of herpes, she keeps coming back to torture us just when we think we're cured.For instance, here is what she had to say recently about the Johnson family. You have known her for a total of one month you took advantage of someone in her weakest moment.Then she At this point, the collective unconscious tried to expel Tila like a pesky hair caught in its mouth, but, like that hair, Ms. She injected herself with a fresh dose of internet life blood, making strange and shocking videos on her website in the modern day version of jumping up and down and waving her arms while screaming "Look at me! But...are about to find out as "Shot of Love with Tila Tequila II" concludes... She then realizes that she is in fact allergic to alcohol itself.The winner was doomed to fail, because her heart was set only on one thing: attention.Season two winner Kristy Morgan must have recognized this, because she turned down her "shot at love" when it was offered to her.With online notoriety came the trappings of real fame, like a book deal and a reality show.In 2007 MTV launched , her entry into the online dating show genre which differentiated itself by having both men and women compete for bisexual Tila's heart.

when she picked that person they said no in now she single… When she was drinking tequila she realized she was having an allergic reaction to the drink. The nickname Tequila was given to her by some friends she got drunk with at a party back in her high school years. Tila got her nickname when she experimented with alcohol in middle school and had a severe allergic reaction.Casually tossing words like "worst" around is one of the unfortunate clichés of the current talky-head, bloggy media culture. Tila had latched onto the only person that would have her and the only person she could exploit for her own ends.But Tila Tequila, through her desperate attempts to latch onto and enable an heiress who was dealing with some serious addiction and psychological problems, has done enough for her to secure legitimate claim to the title in some category. Once being a busty, stupid thing on My Space was enough, but now she was a gold-digging enabler whose only "shot at love" was a drug-addicted socialite cut off from her fortune.

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