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24 JUNE 17, 1993 395 NINTH ST., SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94103 Zoe Dunning Found Guilty of Homosexuality by Judi Parks In the first test of the 9th District Court ruling against the ban on gays in the mili¬ tary, Naval Reserve Lieu¬ tenant Zoe Dunning was found guilty of homosexuality and was unanimously recom¬ mended for an honorable dis¬ charge from the U. Bonfiglio, a pro bono attor¬ ney with Morrison and Foer- ster, that it is unconstitutional to discharge Dunning on the grounds that it is illegal for the military to follow illegal or unconstitutional orders. The three- member Navy Administrative Board of Inquiry heard day¬ long arguments from Gregory A.However, since Lee spent four months in jail while awaiting trial on charges that he intentionally spattered four police officers with his blood in a controversial case stemming from an October 1992 suicide attempt, he was credited with time served and will not have to go back to jail.First of Two Sections Originally charged with four counts of assault, Lee was later charged with the at¬ tempted murder of the offi¬ cers who intervened in his suicide attempt, thereby com¬ ing in contact with his blood as they tried to subdue him.“I understand the concerns expressed by ACT UP and a coalition of groups in my of¬ fice this afternoon.I, too, (Continued on page 32) Bruce Lee Case Finally Resolved by Dennis Conkin HIV-positive tattoo artist Wayne Bruce Lee pleaded guilty to charges of misde¬ meanor battery and was sen¬ tenced to six months in Coun¬ ty Jail with no probation on June 15 in San Francisco Mu¬ nicipal Court.

I have no regrets what¬ soever.” Dunning declared publicly that she is a lesbian on Jan¬ uary 16th at a rally held at Moffett Field in San Jose by the Bay Area Military Free¬ dom Project.“I’m doing this because the public health cuts are going to kill people and put more people on the streets,” said Henry Hogue, as he waited in plastic handcuffs to be put in¬ side a patrol wagon at City Hall.The activists expressed anger over Mayor Jordan’s proposed 50 percent cuts in the 1 million in general revenue funds the city gives to the Health Department be¬ cause of the city’s massive budget crises.The Board argued that they were “bound to follow” the military dis¬ charge procedure.At the press conference fol¬ lowing the announcement of the decision, holding back tears, Dunning told reporters, “I am obviously very disap¬ pointed that they didn’t lift the ban.

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Among the activists taken into custody were Mike Shriver; Harvey Milk Club member Eileen Hansen; aide to Supervisor Angela Alioto Jerry Windley; Rebecca Hensler; Colley Windsor; homeless youth worker Jason Bishop; and other healthcare advocates, providers, and pa¬ tients.

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