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"These technologies are not going away," says Boyd, whose book, It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens, cites her 10 years of fieldwork documenting teens on Internet usage. We need young people to learn to navigate these environments responsibly.We do our youth a disservice when we simply exclude them from these dynamics and then expect them to figure it all out when they're off in college." Stranger danger is a leading concern among parents, Boyd says.The friend offers to help him finish his homework and asks for Jakes phone number.Is it okay for Jake to give it to him, since it has to do with homework?Allison has been talking to Linda online for several months.

The friend offers to help him finish his homework, and asks for Jakes phone number.

So, sit down together and have an adult conversation about online predators.

Try not to get angry with your teen, and calmly ask your teen to stop visiting online dating sites.

Your daughter in high school doesn't hang out at the mall with her girlfriends like you once did -- she's too busy posting selfies with them on Instagram. Is it a good idea to instill your fears in your kids about the dangers of sexual predators on the Internet, and the possibility of permanently writing their adolescent wrongs, searchable forever, online?

And what about the perils of sexting -- texting with sexual overtones and often imagery?

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