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Take the time to learn about preventing pregnancy, HIV and STDs before you engage in sex.

Before you decide to engage in sexual activity, make sure you have a partner you trust.

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy notes many other factors that may contribute to teen sexual decision-making, including: Many parents and educators believe that the best way to prevent teen sex and the consequences that may arise as a result of sexual activity is to offer a school or faith-based, abstinence-only program.

These programs teach students about abstaining from sexual intercourse until marriage as the only way to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

In this study, the age difference with the highest risk was six years or more.

However, even a three year age difference between partners increased early sexual activity.

The International Association of Fire Fighters identifies several risky sexual behaviors.

Many factors may affect a teen's choice to engage in sexual behaviors.

It is about looking into each other's eyes and holding hands.Sex is something both teens and parents need to be prepared to deal with.While abstinence is the optimal way to avoid problems such as pregnancy, STDs, and the emotional issues that come with having sex.Discuss important topics, such as beliefs about sex and contraception, before you engage in sexual activity.It's easy to get talked into doing something you don't want to do.

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