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Rolling into town much later than that usually meant you were left with the less desired accommodations. The weather had been threatening all day but a spot of sunshine followed us along the road. Finally after driving up and down streets we found a house that had a few extra rooms to rent out. So, now with a place to sleep and tickets purchased for the cruise through Milford Sound we were glad that we had driven through.We really wanted to push on because we knew bad weather was heading in. we've been the only ones on the road for most of the day, and it is now autumn. In fact, not only was it the only day of sunshine in the forecast but strong storms lasting two weeks were going to follow. We were ahead of the buses and the road was not busy at all.We were somewhat disappointed because we could imagine how beautiful this would be when the sun was shining. (The blog is still a few days behind, but catching up. After another trip down a winding road we found it ... Good thing the wind blows inland; these are some steep cliffs!the sign telling us we had a 20 minute walk to the actual point. Heading back through the sheep poo field; but somehow I think that was better than through the sheep. We regularly comment on the amount of beautiful coastline here that is not peppered with homes and cities.

So, yet again, a day with very low expectations turned out to be one of the best.

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We understand many aspects of the movie much better after our visit here; if even just the 'est' ness of it all. They weren't nearly as entertaining as the sheep. We didn't see another car on the road since we left Invercargill.

While in Invercargill we were yet again faced with the choice of stopping or pushing on. We learned through our travels that stopping by 3 or 4 pm provided the best accommodation choices. We still can't figure out why they don't jump out. Finally, just as the sun started to set (which occurs about pm here) we pulled into Te Anau and ... Finding any room was going to be difficult and there is no other town nearby. A quick check of the weather and the next day (Friday) was still the only day in the forecast for sunshine in Milford Sound.

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