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Of course the weather doesn't always comply and for those days a coffee shop date should work.In my case when I met someone I liked we spent lots of time going on walks and for picnics the initial few dates and then for our first dinner date my beau brought it up and asked me how I think we ought to handle the bill.I have had coffee/lunch with some male ex-colleagues and they never offered to buy me a coffee.

By having that much integrity, one keeps the communication clear, and everyone knows where they stand.I am not sure what I'd think of my date if at the beginning of a date he announced clearly to the waiter that we are splitting bills.. But could some of the equality gestures be killing the chemistry before it has a chance?I am not on the dating scene but I noticed men in Switzerland (not only Swiss men) tend to let the ladies pay.Hi Im a woman from Asia and I would like to clear some doubts when dating Swiss men, particularly Swiss German men.I met two different Swiss German guys and went out on dates with them.

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