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Innovative door systems by GEZE ensure convenience, accessibility and preventive fire protection.The centre of the Austrian car, motorcycle and touring club ÖAMTC in Vienna is perfectly equipped to fulfill the values of mobility and safety with revolving doors and preventive fire protection by GEZE.GEZE has made a contribution to door convenience and safety in the new company building for Vector Informatik, with BACnet-based building management technology and intelligent networked door systems.The modernised Vienna Bahnhof City West impresses with its state-of-the-art architecture and technology.

Slamming doors, or doors that are hard to open, are a thing of the past in the 'BEHANDELBAR 3.0' physiotherapy practice: the clever GEZE Active Stop door damper unites accessibility with silent ease of access.

Automatic door solutions for accessibility or fire protection, window drives for natural ventilation or for smoke and heat extraction in the event of fire, digital networking of doors and windows for building automation - these are just a few examples from our service portfolio.

Our goal is to develop liveable buildings with the highest degree of comfort and the greatest possible safety for building users.

More efficient and resource-saving building planning. Renovating buildings and changing the fire protection concept in listed buildings poses challenges, e.g.

laying the cables for the fire protection solution.

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Modern buildings should be usable and controllable in a safe and convenient manner, and consume as little energy as possible.

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