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Contributions of the Conflict Tactics Scales to Understanding Family Violence Conflict theorists such as Louis Coser and Ralph Dahrendord argue that conflict is an inevitable and valuable aspect of all human association because conflict is part of the process by which inequities and problems are corrected.Most research and clinical uses of the CTS benefit from having data on the behavior of both partners in a relationship. In order to understand this perspective, it is necessary to distinguish between two closely related yet clearly different phenomena, both of which are often called conflict: ‘‘conflict of interest’’ and ‘‘conflict management.’’ When conflict theorists talk about the ubiquity of conflict, they are referring to conflict of interest, that is, to the fact that members of a social group, no matter how small and intimate, are each seeking to live out their lives in accordance with personal agendas that inevitably differ. What is harmful is not the conflict itself, but use of coercion, including force and violence, as a tactic for resolving conflicts.This applies even when it might seem that only information on the behavior of one of the partners is needed, such as when the CTS is used to measure progress in a treatment program for male batterers.

Two families can have the same conflict but differ vastly, and with profound consequences, in how they deal with these conflicts.

The CTS is also used for clinical assessment (Aldarondo and Straus 1994).

Because even one instance of physical assault is a behavior that calls for remedial steps, a basic clinical assessment indicates whether there is a score of 1 or higher on the physical assault scale.

The coefficients ranged from .34 to .94, with a mean of .77.

A study of the CTS2 in seventeen nations found similar results (Straus 2004).

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Thus, when monitoring a treatment program, it is crucial to know the extent to which the partner has also ceased acts of physical and psychological aggression.

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