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And once you start to feel confident and empowered, you may notice you’re no longer are attracted to (or attract) the bad boys.

If you’re single, you’ve probably gone through hell in the dating world.

This is what I would have done in my early twenties, but a decade later, I’ve learned to recognize the signs of an unhealthy dynamic.

My craving and desire to make it work with a guy like him is similar to those same attractions in my early twenties. I can recognize that I’m worth more than to invest in someone who likes me just a little, but not enough.

Perhaps you had an unstable male figure in your life as a child, or your first relationship was one that left you hurt and wounded.

It is possible that you are choosing relationships that repeat the unavailability, rejection or abandonment issues that were familiar in your earliest relationship with the opposite sex.

You know deep down inside that the person is not right for you, but make justifications and excuses over and over again. They are the ones waiting on their partner, doing good deeds, buying gifts, etc. So, they are not at all in love or committed.” Before you engage in another act of love, ask yourself what your true intention is.Whether you’re feeling bad about yourself or just want to increase your “feel good” vibe a little bit, it’s time to make a firm choice for what you want in your life.If you want to feel better about your body, download a fitness app and try that new Tracy Anderson workout you’ve been thinking about.In a sense, you seek comfort in that familiar scenario – even if it is one filled with angst.These are attractions of deprivation, and it’s possible it stems from your childhood.

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After all, you have to be the “right one” until you will meet the “right one”.

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