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Your sense of smell serves as a channel to connect to your inner systems.Next time you diffuse your favorite essential oil to eliminate odors, know that you are experiencing more benefits than just a good-smelling room!Young Living Aromatherapy Products Advanced Energy Healing, Individual & group sessions, Flower Essence Readings, Great News Network, Young Living Essential Oil products This is really important work.Great process simply explained to get stuck feelings out of your body.Flexible times Individual two hour sessions - 0 Small group workshops 2-3 hours for 2-6 people 0 per person Call or text 262-227-6243 or email to book.Please see my website for more information about Breathwork: https:// Peacework - Waukesha, WI , Health & Wellness, Advanced Energy Healing, Soul-Inspired Breathwork, Young Living Aromatherapy Products by Conscious Reminder On the 6th of March, 2019, Mercury retrograde is going to happen. It would be necessary to repeat the same old advice regarding Mercury retrogrades, that is: Don’t try to sign any new contracts at this moment; don’t try to embark o...

You may even be able to think of smells that trigger particular memories, such as homemade bread or fresh-cut grass.

My April Oregon Kirtan Tour includes Bend, Breitenbush, Corvallis and Portland. Great article for women wondering why they aren't finding love in this incarnation.

Or consider coming on a Kirtan and Yoga retreat with me and Beate Sophia Scholz in the Netherlands July 7-14. (draining you, controlling you, punishing you, competing with you in a non-friendly way) Is it some THING else? Maybe my problem is that I just think love is supposed to be —not logical.

Young Living Training and Education How are you feeling?

Essential oils have the power to change the vibes of any atmosphere! The sense of smell is the only one of your senses that has a direct connection to the limbic lobe, or emotional control center, of your brain.

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