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I’m not going to give you dating advice, but working on yourself, learning something new by partaking in the activities of a club or similar will maybe put other kind of people in your way with whom you’ll be able to share something more than a drink. I used to work in NY City and have traveled around the world - Peru, most of Europe, some of Asia, lived in Japan for a year, and have seen a lot of the US - and Madrid still stands out.

My tinder bracket’s similar to your but I’m male, and I had no relevant experience I can be proud of to this day. Madrid has a special place in my heart for very romantic reasons that are personal to me, so this caught my attention. People from Madrid are among the most open, smooth, friendly, easy going people anywhere in Europe.

Don't blame Barcelona if you're meeting the wrong kinds of guys; just put yourself into the right kinds of situations to meet the right kinds of guys. Maybe dating people you meet online isn’t the best option in general, independently of the city.As others have said, unless they're very social, people don't usually meet others outside their social circles (friends, co-workers/students, hobbies) and it's usually a slow progress from acquaintances to relationship.Yeah, people who go out and party have one night stands and maybe relationships stem from there, but it's not as pronounced as in other countries.Of course there's fuckboys, guys who have never left madrid and things like that here, but I think you might have a better chance at the dating scene here because people take it more seriously. But as someone else said, the key is to be in the kinds of place where you'd meet the kinds of men you'd want to date.I wouldn't expect to meet my soulmate at Kapital.

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You will run into the same people in Madrid (except the boring catalan, lol). In my opinion as far as Madrid vs Bcn goes, Madrid seems to be more of a "city of relationships".

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