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Everywhere else in the world there’s this about looking not a day over 30 - not so in France, where older women are admired and thought of as sexy.

Adopt, a dating site which allows men to ‘advertise’ themselves as potential partners, has been hugely popular since it launched in 2010, with a reported 25,000 signing up in the first year alone.

Often stereotyped in what the French man is supposed to be like, there are a number of myths I’d like to examine under .

The /e/n/i config would then look like this: update_config=1 ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev # This one is for connecting to any unsecured network your machine comes into contect with, just comment out if you don't like this: network= # The actual roaming settings go here: network= network=When I first tried to connect to wifi with ifupdown and wpa-roam/wpa_gui, the network connected okay, but without the config of an IP address.

In my opinion, the interesting ones, like the artists etc dress in a pretty grungy way, and look like they picked up the first thing they found on the floor that morning - or got dressed in the dark (more likely).

A lot of the appeal lies in the fact that it gives them that care-free (I don’t have to try that hard) look.

- Oct 24, 2012 - added commands for systemd instead of init For one reason or another, people may desire to rid themselves of network manager.

WICD is an alternative, but due to a lack of development, WICD may or may not fall to the wayside soon.

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