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The first person to visit every country in the world without flying.I currently live on a private island in The Caribbean that I won in a competition.Well today I seen this post about scammers abusing stolen pictures of honeys buns. The real Honey Buns is not involved in the scam at all; she is an innocent victim as well. We mainly talked on Facebook and texted back and forth.If anyone asks you for money on the Internet they are always a scammer, 100% of the time. Over the course of a year I sent over ,000 to this person and I know for sure an African man I have since gotten this person to admit that she is not the girl in the pics Honeys Buns.Am not here for head games or pretending,am looking for a serious relationship that someday will lead to Marriage..And I will be very happy to hear back from u soon.. IM [email protected] Perfect First Date My Perfect First Date I would like to have some wine date and some lunch or dinner with my first date, that will really be an interesting thing to do.. and i will definitely will be looking towards to meet a wonderful man that will bring happiness to my life and show me what true love is all about....

In typical Hughes form, my mum burst into tears, my dad was wonderfully nonplussed, my brother Alex was annoyed I didn’t let him in on the secret and my nephew Matthew claimed to have known all along. After din-dins, the traditional Hughes Family Trivial Pursuit Fight was put on hold while my brother Mike and I started cooking up schemes for getting The Odyssey fully publicised this week ourselves, while I’m here (something that mmmmmmm promised to do and never did, the scoundrels).I got a couple of hours kip at Hugh’s gaff (Hugh of ‘Hugh Sings The Odyssey Blues’ fame) and I arrived at my family home on Honeys Green Lane at around 2pm – just in time for Sunday roast.Again, I had set up a ruse of seeing everyone via Skype and with the help of my brother Mike (who I had brought in on the deal) snuck into the house without my parents suspecting a thing.And so I sat down with my parents, brothers, cousins, nephews and (brand new) baby niece for my first roast meal since Sierra Leone back in July. We’re not professionals and we’re kind of making it up as we go, but we might as well give it a try.We decided to get cracking first thing in the morningw, so I went to his house in Runcorn to sleep on his couch. Adventurer, filmmaker, blogger, double Guinness World Record Holder.

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if you have lots of Valentines than with Pal Talk you can make ten-way group video calls in real time, with all at once, could you dare to bring all of your honeys on a single platform, all-at once?

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