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We try to base things in reality and keep the historical stuff as real as possible,” says Weisberg. Though maybe not as much as it might seem on the show. refreshing, particularly in an era when Cold War-like tensions are rising again between Russia and America. So it’s everything from reading the scripts to doing that,” Melton says.“We try very hard to keep the tradecraft real, because we feel that it gives us a way to ground the characters’ story. “The East Germans would marry as many West Germans as they wanted. plotline of Phillip disguised as Clark—who attracts and marries a cowed F. Major cites the swinging by a Czechoslovakian illegals couple. And unlike the very American Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings, who look and sound like their names, real illegals likely would betray some foreign accents. “That really happens and happened.”And there were way more of them than you might think, and for much longer.“This country was always a paradise for spies,” says Kalugin, who headed the K. B.’s foreign counter-intelligence out of Washington, D. I prepared their tasks, evaluated the information coming from them, worked on the illegals’ covers, supported their everyday life, including providing the finances, and many other things.”Kouzminov’s illegals prepared for eventual war against the target country on its soil. is they are really depicting illegals who are staff officers selected to be married to each other,” says Major. Walker Jr., the former Navy warrant officer and mastermind behind a nearly 20-year naval spy ring. “My duties included training individual illegals and their deployment, keeping them under control. in the 2010 ‘Ghost Stories’ operation had started his mission in 1976.” is the Mitrokhin Archive. And he’s expertly authenticating one of the most intriguing, and surprisingly historically accurate, products of his old enemy: rings surprisingly true and relevant—even today. during the Reagan years and briefed the former president as a National Security Council staff member. When Reagan was shot in is that they’re willing to make a commitment with these people for almost a lifetime. officer who worked in counter-intelligence and served in Central Europe during the Cold War, appreciates how leverages the historical record. “But generally sex was not allowed and was punished. But outside, I was authorized to court some young ladies in the hope that they will, at some point, join the F.

The media has been agog since the weekend, as details of Epstein’s shocking private life are emerging.A major hint was dropped this week by Vicky Ward, the intrepid investigative journalist who has tried to expose the ugly reality behind the Epstein facade longer than anyone. Labor Secretary, is in the hot seat, since a dozen years ago he was the U. Attorney for South Florida who cut that deal with Epstein.In a report for the Daily Beast, Ward shed light on the Justice Department’s 2007 non-prosecution agreement with Epstein, that sweetest of sweet deals, since it got Epstein a laughably lenient sentence—for crimes which any normal person would have gone away for decades after admitting to. Ward explained the background of that deal, which is now a noose for Acosta.He claimed to have made his vast fortune as a financial guru to the super-rich, but nearly all of his clients were unnamed.Moreover, in a business where overwork is standard, Epstein seemed to have unlimited free time to pursue his avocation of obtaining “massages” from young women.

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British counterintelligence assessed that Maxwell was working for the KGB, while pervasive allegations that he was working for Mossad too are equally plausible.

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