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; 28 February 1926 – 22 November 2011), later known as Lana Peters, was the youngest child and only daughter of Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin and Nadezhda Alliluyeva, Stalin's second wife.

In 1967, she caused an international furor when she defected to, and later became a naturalized citizen of, the United States.

In an interview on 26 April 1967, she referred to Singh as her husband but also stated that they were never allowed to marry officially.

On 6 March 1967, Alliluyeva approached the United States Embassy in New Delhi.

She received a letter from Father Garbolino, an Italian Catholic priest from Pennsylvania, inviting her to make a pilgrimage to Fátima, in Portugal, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the famous apparitions there.

In 1969, Garbolino, who was in New Jersey, came to visit Alliluyeva at Princeton.

In 1984, she returned to the Soviet Union and had her Soviet citizenship returned.

The romance grew deeper and stronger still while the couple were recuperating in Sochi near the Black Sea.Alliluyeva, for the most part, lived the last two years of her life in southern Wisconsin, either in Richland Center or in Spring Green, the location of Wright's summer studio "Taliesin".She died on 22 November 2011 from complications arising from colon cancer in Richland Center, At the time of Alliluyeva's death, her youngest daughter, Olga, went by the name Chrese Evans and ran a fashion boutique in Portland, Oregon.Alliluyeva's second marriage was arranged for her to Yuri Zhdanov, the son of Stalin's right-hand man Andrei Zhdanov and himself one of Stalin's close associates. In 1950, Alliluyeva gave birth to a daughter, Yekaterina. After her father's death in 1953, Alliluyeva worked as a lecturer and translator in Moscow.Her training was in History and Political thought, a subject she was forced to study by her father, although her true passion was literature and writing.

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