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Were these characters all white Christian Republicans rather than minority Democrats, this would be front-page news each day.The sin of intersectionality lies in the willingness of its devotees to discard virtue for identity politics.Subject: Digital Literacy and Computer Science (2), Social Studies (2) Title: Symbols All Around Us Description: This lesson will focus on American symbols.Students will identify American symbols and explain how they represent the United States of America.Period point blank.” Perez stated, “There are no perfect leaders.” And Sarsour defended another anti-Semite from questions about Farrakhan.Yet the mainstream media’s attention to this odd spate of events has been relatively muted. President Trump is still living down his tacit nods at the “alt-right” during the 2016 campaign, as he should.

All of which demonstrates that where the media are concerned, intersectional identity matters far more than blatant bigotry.Determine whether a given whole number in the range 1-100 is prime or composite.[4-OA4] to learn the basics of coding and how to use blocks and animations to create a game.Just weeks ago, we found out that Farrakhan met with the members of the Congressional Black Caucus in 2005, including then-Sen. Danny Davis, D-Il., asked about Farrakhan on Sunday, stated, “I don’t have no problems with Farrakhan. Another Women’s March leader, Carmen Perez, routinely touts Farrakhan on her social media.Barack Obama; 21 current members of Congress were at that meeting. And anti-Semite Linda Sarsour spoke at a Nation of Islam event three years ago. Mallory took to Twitter to explain: “Jesus had a number of enemies as do all black leaders.

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Farrakhan is black; the Congressional Black Caucus is, too; Mallory is black; Perez is Mexican-American; Sarsour is Muslim.

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