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If the minor does not attend the accredited high school or is homeschooled, the minor may be required to provide a letter from his/her school stating that the minor is in good academic and attendance standing.

Once these documents are examined and found to be in good order, the minor should be issued a work permit.

The employer must provide the accredited school with written notice that they intend to hire the minor, as well as the hours the minor will work and the types of duties the minor will perform.

If the minor's academics or attendance are not up to the school system's standards, the minor may be denied a work permit.Work permits are obtained from the accredited high school in the school district where the minor resides.To obtain a work permit, a minor must first be hired by an employer.A: Work Permits are issued through accredited schools in Indiana.These schools have total discretion to refuse or revoke a work permit based on poor academics or attendance.

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