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This film is Directed by Ratheesh Erate and Produced by Arun, Vikraman Krishnan.

It is made under the banner of Harigeetha Pictures, Skyway Pictures.

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Female : Indha saalayil pogindran Meesai vaitha paiyan avan Aaradi uyaram azhagiya uruvam Apple polae irupaanae Male : Endha kallooriku pogindradho Ennai thaakiya thaavaniyae ….

This sequel is even more gripping and engaging than its prequel.

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indha saalaiyil poagindraan meesai vaitha paiyan avan aa Radi uyaram azhagiya uruvam apple poalae iruppaaney endha kalloorikku poagindradho ennai thaakkiya thaavaniyae mudhal mu Rai kaadhal bayam illai idhayathilae sandhipoma?

coffee day poagalaam - snow bowling aadalaam phone sa Ndai poadalaam - billiards'il saeralaam meeting nadandhaal - ini dating nadakkum oru spoon'ai vaithu ice cream'ai paadhi paadhi thinnalaam yeppada... iruvarum...) yaar punnagaiyum - un poal illaiyada yaar vaasanaiyum - un poal illaiyada aiyoannu aanadhey - aanandham poanadhey chee chee chee sindhanai - sirippukku L vaedhanai poadi varaadhey - manam poanaal varaadhey unnai petra oru annai ko Nda vaedhanaiga L tharugi Raay (sandhipoma?

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Released: 5 April 2019 Category: Featured 2, Featured Telugu, Latest Movies, Telugu Movies 2019 Genres: Comedy, Drama Country: India, South Indian Directors: Ratheesh Erate Actors: Devika Nambiar, Oviya, Prithvi Rajan The Story revoles around the con artist Solomon who plays around Keerthi who approaches Solomon who pretends as a local thug in Chennai, for avoiding her stalker.

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