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From that stint, he graduated to professional crewing, which wasn’t quite as enchanting.

He worked on super yachts in the south of France, he said, where he spent a lot of time “polishing the boat in the sun all day, which gets pretty boring.”These experiences led to the creation of Crewbay while Wells was still at university, where he was studying graphic design.

The story was the same with other friends; they could meet perfectly nice acceptable partners through local friends and activities, but there was always something missing. People feeling desperately lonely would write about how the site had brought new friends and joy to their lives.

It was after these conversations that I resolved to start the site. Others would speak of the discovery of their perfect partner and a new life they didn't expect.

Membership costs just £4.99 per month and opens up a network of invaluable contacts.Several cruise lines sail from Southern California to the islands (usually stopping at a foreign port to satisfy maritime law).It is all very civil, if civil means that someone else does all the work, you get to direct your own activities and no one will ever ask you to polish the vessel. Welcome to vessel/crew ‘dating’ services that could make your dreams come true Wine-tasting trips are the toast of the cruise industry. On the cusp of becoming a responsible adult, he parlayed sailing skills learned from his father into working parts of three summers on a yacht in the Mediterranean.Instead of being paid for his work (which sometimes involved cooking, making the “punch” each night, a bit of vessel upkeep and the occasional watch) he was paid about 10 euros a day (about U.

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