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Mika, Yuki's sister, ask Shuichi to help her to reapprocing her brother,since the feeling between the two is now more strong.Track 3- Stray Heart After the success of the first concert, Thoma gathers the "Bad Luck" so that they don't take It too easy and spurring them to do their best.Yuki judges harshly the work giving him a "Zero Talent".

I only compiled the information from several online sources.This new makes Shuichi Incredibly happy, but when he sees the performance of Ryuichi, he understands how far away he Is from him and the goal of being like him.Shuichi goes blue.--Track 9- The Deepest Brain In this episode Yuki's past begins to show: we see him when he was just a boy In love with his sensei: Yuki Kitazawa.Shuichi shakes his sadness away and forgets the fear for the concert.Though, later he can't charm the audience and Ryuichi helps him again walking to the stand and singing with him, turning the show Into a success.

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He compares his past and present with Shuichi: he's afraid of obtaining the same tragic end. Meanwhile, Yuki's home Is tangled by the journalists that are looking for a scoop: the declaration of Yuki engagement with Shuichi.

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