Romantic at heart dating

Bring the bottom of your heart to a point by overlapping the dough and trimming the excess.

Smooth out all the edges so that it still looks nice! While your pizza is baking in the oven, turn on some romantic music and dance!

I have a husband who is home every night, treats me with respect, drove 2 1/2 hours to about ten different stores in the middle of the night for a pie for me when I was stuck in bed with a hurt back, gases up my car for me so I don't have to, and is the kind of guy who when caught outside by our elderly neighbor will talk to her for two hours and miss a football game because he knows she is lonely and he doesn't want to hurt her feelings.

Many of the challenges you can only do if you decide to MAKE your own pizza.

For those who love to spend quality time in the kitchen, you’ll definitely enjoy these challenges.

Let your spouse know that they’ve These fun pizza date night printables will help you take your date to the next level. Present your sweetheart with the invitation, which opens up like a menu to reveal 3 different date night options and a toppings card so your spouse can help you determine what toppings to get to prepare for date night (if you plan on making your own pizza).

The three different levels range from super easy to romantic. After you choose which date you want to have, check out the idea card that helps you prep for that date.

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Around here, we love a good homemade pizza, so this date night is absolutely perfect for us…

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