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She has devoted her life to helping women find the man of their dreams.Her programs have millions of followers worldwide, and she is considered as one of the most popular dating coaches for women on this planet.Here’s a sneak peek at what you will learn from this relationship guide –Here you will get an outline of the program and the available tools that will make any guy respond to your message immediately.This section of the guide will teach its readers about a specific approach that will draw the attention of the man of her dreams without worrying about his thoughts straying towards other women.Her ultimate goal is to help people build a healthier, happier and stronger relationship.Literally, Text Chemistry is like carrying a relationship coach in your pocket at all times guiding you towards the right path to a successful relationship.Throughout her entire professional career, she has researched a lot about couples, their behavior while dating the person of their choice and their communicating patterns.She has included her finding in her programs to help readers improve and enrich their relationship through her discoveries.

Text Chemistry is a modern-day dating guide written by Amy North which aims at revealing the secrets to attracting a man towards a woman.You can use this guide to your advantage if you are trying to make him propose you.Sharing selfies play an essential role in text flirting.But you need to know the ins and outs of such an act before you apply it yourself.You will get to learn how to take the right pictures of your man.

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