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An application must provide callbacks (or their equivalent) in order to receive information back from the parser.While some of them have a validating mode, all the parsers were run as non-validating parsers.So you're welcome to download what I've got and try it out for yourself.Also, since I'm more experienced in Perl and C than Java and Python, gurus of those two languages may want to comb through the implementations written in them, checking for newbie mistakes.I'm using the pre-release version 1.2 Java Development Kit from Blackdown.The Perl version is 5.005_02, and Python 1.5.1 is installed on my machine.Only a single parser is tested for Perl and Python, but two parsers each are tested for C and Java.All of these parsers run under Linux, and all are stream-oriented.

Each implementation uses a different XML parser and four different languages are used: C, Java, Perl, and Python.

The performance of an implementation on each test case was measured using the Unix command, with output being sent to the /dev/null data sink.

Actually each case was measured three times and the average was taken.

When I say that a single program was implemented six times, I mean that each implementation produces (or should produce) exactly the same output for a given input document.

But as long as that constraint was met, I attempted to write each in the most efficient manner for the given language and parser. I'm the maintainer of one of the parsers measured here, the Perl module XML:: Parser. But I'm providing here everything I used to come up with my numbers.

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" Either I got no answers or the answers were like comparing apples and oranges.

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