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Rather, the focus is on moral purity or purification: chastity ( 2 Cor 11:2 ; Titus 2:5 ); innocence in one's attitude toward members of the church ( 2 Cor ); and moral purity or uprightness ( Php 4:8 ; 1 Tim ; 1 Peter 3:2 ; 1 John 1:3 ). "Ought" comes in on the sphere of cleanliness, and then the whole realm of ethics is open.

Purity is associated with understanding, patience and kindness ( 2 Cor 6:6 ); speech, life, love, and faith ( 1 Tim ); and reverence ( 1 Peter 3:2 ). So near are the departments of physical and ethical cleanliness that now if one hears the word "slum" without explanation, he cannot tell whether it relates to filth or sin.

The Psalmist blends these two elements, the physical and the ethical, in the familiar question and answer (Psalms 24:3-5), "Who shall ascend into the hill of Yahweh? He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto falsehood, and hath not sworn deceitfully.

Before they can engage in any cultic or ceremonial activity, God's people must be consecrated or had to sanctify themselves ( Exodus Exodus ; Joshua ; 1 Sam 16:5 ; Job 1:5 ). In the New Testament, there is little emphasis on ritual purity. When one realizes that by uncleanness of person or property he may endanger the health or life of family, or even of society about him--as in keeping conditions that develop typhoid fever--he begins to realize that there is, a close tie between cleanliness and morals.Be these laws severe, they show the intense earnestness of a people to have a pure family life in which children born should be genuine to it.These Levitical restrictions upon intermarriage with relatives fit the sense of propriety and right of civilized people, even to this day. The Prophets: There is no question about the attitude of the prophets on purity. They had no tolerance for corrupt morals or manners leading to impurity or suggesting it.When we turn to that department we shall at once realize the fact that the sex relation is the most primitive and comprehensive of all the human relations. The attitude of the Bible in respect to that relation is unmistakable.From the vision of the Garden of Eden to that of the New Jerusalem, the Bible rings true to the ideal of purity in family life and in the relations of the sexes to each other.

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