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(Or maybe because he thinks you’re out of his league) More often though, a man passes because he is either bored of your profile text, or sees nothing special about you, or because something in your text offends him.So take a little extra time when creating your profile and develop one that’s (A) friendly profile, (B) interesting profile, and (C) targeting the BEST of the best.I’m a part time nurse and am going to school for my MBA.In my spare time, when I’m not meeting interesting new people, I like doing charity work for the homeless.I am a “call it like I see it” kind of girl and I speak fluent sarcasm.I’m also not really big into charming guys or girls.Stefanie I’m an extrovert that can’t help getting into trouble. I guess I always am looking for something random and fun to do. I love to draw and sell some of my paintings in art galleries around town. She’s “trouble” and spontaneous, which to a guy, means she’s not the usual boring date.

But she makes up for it in presenting herself as someone sensitive, kind, and someone who actually appreciates the efforts that men make to please her.

Maybe that sounds corny, but I have a story there and if you want to know the shocking tale of betrayal and revenge, just ask!

It’s no coincidence that successful men like successful women—and all the more so if they want to good for the world and help others.

You also get bonus points if you are into camping, have an awesome dog, or have some serious survival skills.

There’s always something reassuring about a nice and friendly woman—someone who enjoys talking to new people, even if they’re shy or hesitant at first.

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