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The two of us believe in a personal and professional approach, and have developed a very hands-on style of social networking.

Our professional team of organisers is headed by husband and wife Andrew & Cathy who themselves met through The Social Group back in 1999 and got married in the middle of a Social Group Holiday to Las Vegas & USA National Parks in 2002.

St Kilda is a vibrant beachside suburb of Port Phillip, in south-eastern inner Melbourne, Australia.

Kilda is famous for its beach life and the bar and restaurant scene along Fitzroy Street.

The debut of the music scene has been so successful, .

Formally known to be seedy and run down, there has been a revival over the past twenty years as young professionals and travellers have increased in numbers.

There are plenty of internet cafes (many in convinence stores) located on Fitroy street.

Bristol Social Group is the social enterprise at the heart of the community!

EASY TO JOIN We don’t waste your time by making you go to a fake ‘taster event’ with a contrived atmosphere before you join, as we’ve found most people want to get started by taking part on proper social events without further delay.

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